Our live with boxers was started about 11 years ago.
We looked for a dog to our small family – friendly, with strong and stable character. She should be beautifully shaped and eager to spend life with people.
Our choice turned to be a boxer dog and this proved to be perfect solution.
After six months wait time DRACHMA joined our family.
She was yellow daughter of Ch.CARLO St. Barbara, but one boxer in family is definitely not enough.
This was the main reason, why after 12 months we invited next member.
PICASSO was a brindle male, so we had full set of colors in family.
Staying in love with this race, we decided to give loving home to NUSIA .
She wasn’t a proper boxer out of pedigree, but inherited all important character features.
Unbelievably addicted, fearless and faithful, she gave us a chance to enjoy our common live for three short years. She passed away in 2006.
Drachma and Picasso did not make any show career. We were not into kennel start at this time even knowing, that Drachma could give us good puppies.
There was a change coming very soon. Started with buying a proper house and moving to village from crowded city, more boxers entered our live and acquired stronger attention.
First one was ENZO .
Coming from famous Jedna na Milion kennel owned by Adam Zawistowski,
excellent bridle male he proved to be absolutely extraordinary even for his race.
Son on MultiCh.VALENTINO Optima Grata with Ch.XIPHEOS v. Mississipi as grandfather.
We didn’t wait long for next one. On very beginning of 2006, FLEUR came along. Perfectly shaped, beautiful and loudly barking. She is a daughter of MultiCh. JnM AALIYAH.
Ch.Enzo and Ch.Fleur are definitely show dogs.
Each one became Junior Champion of Poland and Champion of Poland very soon.
Moreover in 2006 on Dortmund’s Bunderssieger judged by Mr. F. Singelnstein started to collect applications for Deutscher Champion VDH title.
The same happened for Fleur on 2007 show in Berlin(judged by Mrs. B. Mueller). Both of them closed down all requirements in 2008.
Another part of our live – equally important – is IPO training. All our dogs with special attention to Enzo and Fleur have a great talent for these exercises.
We ended up with multiple trips to FARELKOWO and meeting fantastic friends on IPO camps.
Being all the time under magic boxer coverage - especially MultiCh.XIPHEOS v. Mississipi descendants – we decided to look for a new one with similar pedigree.
From distant Bordeaux area in France, small CYRUS came over to cold Poland.
Breed in de Cantelaudette de Quitterie kennel, son of Ch. Xipheos. He brought plenty of joy to our family.
Always happy, full of energy and really nice. Working closely with man and ideal for IPO training. He is crazy with all other dogs about going to camp and work.
We started to think about kennel creation in 2005. Our high hopes were connected with Fleur – she would be definitely excellent mother.
In our private requirements we see boxer as beautiful dog with stable behavior and perfect health. Health is main reason,
why all our dogs have to pass joints and heart examination. Unfortunately Fleur had to be moved away from breeding. She did not pass heart test with AS/PS result in 2006.
The same happened to Cyrus in 2008 and after that our kennel dreams were cut immediately. We couldn’t stand such disaster.
Faith moved us towards another try and since 2009 DIAMOND de Cantelaudette de Quitterie is with us.
Elegant, dark brindle lady with white markings. After initial examination we understood, that this time we are lucky.
Diamond is completely free from heart problems and she has extremely healthy joints.
In the beginning of 2010, after several months of waiting, we finally have our kennel registered as


This means our journey is about to begin.
Each day brings new challenges from living with dogs like boxers.
Sometimes it comes with lots of luck, other times brings only grief. All the time is full of surprises.
Enzo and Fleur introduced world of dog shows and trainings. With all these activities we met a number of friendly people.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for enjoying our common success and crying after failures.
To Adam from Jedna na Milion kennel, that he lodged into our hands two precious jewels. These dogs have special place forever in our hearts.
To Valeria and Alain from Cantelaudette de Quitterie for their beautiful French dogs accompanying all aspects of our live, bringing enormous amount of joy.
Thank you all other friends – not named – for sharing boxer passion with us all this time...

Sylwia, Jacek & MOJE BOKSERY FCI